LETTERS: Explore other supply sources

The unofficial blockade imposed by India is causing hardship to Nepalis across the country. Although the blockade has created problems in people’s daily life, including the great inconveniences caused by the very thin vehicular traffic, we will not compromise on our national interests and sovereignty.

However, this kind of situation would not have emerged had our leaders of all major political parties diversified our trade reducing the over-dependence on a particular country.

Diversification of trade and economy will strengthen the national interests and sovereignty. We are now facing acute shortages of petroleum products. Learning lessons from the past and present, what the government should do is to purchase the most essential commodities from other countries and open the northern points so that such kind of crisis may not happen in the future. Another thing that the government can do is to start exploring the potential of petroleum products and gas. There are some areas like Dailekh and Mustang where gas can be explored for domestic consumption. The Tarai and Chure range have been identified as the potential sites for petroleum products and the government should invest in their exploration.

Raman Adhikari, Kathmandu


I have heard that the declaration of open defecation-free (ODF) zone without preparing necessary infrastructures in the Far-Western Development Region has rather produced a result which is different from what was expected. Six other districts of the region are all set to be declared the ODF zone too. The very name of the campaign indicates that the main focus is the defecation inside a closed toilet for privacy. I am very doubtful whether the national campaign has placed any serious criteria for extra care required not to pollute the under-ground sources of drinking water while constructing the toilets. If the toilets are polluting the sources of the drinking water, it would be the most tragic part of the national campaign. First of all, the people should be educated about the usefulness of using the closed toilets and importance of saving the local environment. Many people are reported to have died of diarrhoea and dysentery due to open defecation in the far and mid-western regions.

R. Manandhar, Kathmandu


Federal Socialist Forum Nepal’s Chairperson Upendra Yadav has recently opined that the existence of Nepal and Nepalis is not threatened by the ongoing agitation. But he has threatened the existence of the leaders of the three-party syndicate that promulgated the constitution by aiming at the status quo of the hill dominance. I would like to opine that Yadav’s threats should not be understood lightly by the leaders of the three-party syndicate. He has said that even the people of Madhesi community should have chance to hold major posts as they are also Nepalis and want to contribute to the nation-building process. They do not want to be separated from the rest of the country

Pragya Ananda, Kathmandu