It is not surprising to know that whichever party ascends to political power forms the government, leads the nation and signs agreements with other parties to temporarily quench their grievances but never bothers to implement them.

The Madhes based parties continued to exert pressure on the Dahal led government to implement the three-point deal which was signed while forming his government. It was not implemented. The disgruntled parties decided to withdraw support to this government a few days ago.

Time will tell how the ruling parties will bring them on board so that the local level elections can be held smoothly. Likewise, there were a number of agreements signed with neighbouring countries during the visits of heads of government. Not all such agreements were timely implemented.

Once the government changes, the head of the government will be changed accordingly. However, there is a tradition in Nepal that such agreements signed by the previous governments are often knowingly or unknowingly ignored by successive governments.

This is purely because of the egoistic politics of the major parties. However, this time it is wonderful to know that PM Dahal had to be urged by the Chinese president for speedy execution of past agreements “Chinese president presses for execution of past pacts” (THT, March 28, Page 1).

Several bilateral cooperation and infrastructure development related pacts regarding transit, transport, petroleum storage and import were inked during K P Oli’s visit. In fact, his visit was to find out alternative sources of petroleum products when India had unilaterally imposed unofficial blockade last year.

None of these pacts have been implemented so far. However, it was encouraging to know that PM Dahal had pledged to fully implement all the past pacts which were signed between the two countries.

It was also encouraging to know that the Chinese president has promised to resume the Araniko Highway which was obstructed since the April 2015 earthquake and open other border points.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj

Cyber law

I am writing this in reference to the perceived threats that Sabita Saru Sharma Acharya Mataji has been experiencing. She has been sharing what it feel likes being harassed and threatened by some of the social media users.

It is normal in today’s world that some people are using Facebook for badmouthing and threatening someone they don’t like for no actual reason but rather for their arcane and twisted or if I may say so for their sadistic pleasure. However, there is no room left for those online predators for the clemency to be granted.

The police department needs to work in tandem with communications authorities concerned who are by and large responsible for hunting down the hate or threatening messages or any other messages that may potentially affect the psychological well-being of any denizen.

An effective cyber is badly needed in our country to fix this kind of psychologically insidious trouble.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne