LETTERS: Give justice to victims

Apropos of the news story “TRC, CIEDP short of international standards” (THT, February 14, Page 4), the victims of one of the worst atrocities at the cusp of new millennia, between the end of the 20th and beginning of 21st century, cannot be deprived of justice. The government must garner willpower to bring to book the perpetrators of human rights violations. The elections are over, and the transformation of the country from anachronistic kingdom to modern, egalitarian federal democratic republic is complete. But unless justice is rendered to the last victim of the vicious Maoist war, we might remain as a pariah country in the world. There is no point explaining that “we did it for the country” as even girls who kill potential rapist while defending her “asmita” or the house owners who kill the intruder-gangsters while protecting their property cannot escape the claws of laws. So, Oli and Dahal, whose parties are forming the new government, must give this issue importance. With the elections over, there is no other pending works that merit more than justice for victims of the war. For the integration of the republic in league of nations under the United Nations, Nepal has no choice but to deliver justice to the last remaining victim, whatever the cost.

The international community and the country’s Supreme Court have called upon the governments to amend the law related to the transitional justice mechanism on par with international standard so that human rights violators can be booked and victims can be given justice and reparation.

The government should also strengthen these bodies by providing adequate financial and logistic supports. These bodies cannot complete their tasks without support from the international community.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Petty crimes

Nepal celebrated Mahashivaratri on Tuesday with fervour where more than a million of pilgrims and sadhus visited the Pashupatinath Temple, the abode of Lord Shiva, who is known as “God of Destruction” in Hinduism.

Although the festival observed no hurdle during the celebration, there were incidents of petty crimes of pick-pocketing and thefts. Police arrested 35 pickpockets from various parts of the temple for stealing mobile phones and wallets from devotees visiting the Pashupatinath Temple to celebrate Mahashivaratri, marking the day which is one of the most important events.

Such people always look for an opportunity to steal money and other valuables when there is a big crowd. Police also apprehended 50 persons who were found allegedly possessing, selling and consuming cannabis. Anyway there were no heinous acts of crimes being committed on the premises of the temple at that time. This time around the number of people coming in for worshipping Lord Shiva was said to be higher than last time. Let’s hope the pilgrims will be free from such problems next year.

Pratik Shrestha, Buddhanagar