LETTERS: Hold youth back home

Apropos of the news story “10,000 Korea aspirants giving EPS language test from Pokhara” (THT, May 2, Page 6), it is quite frustrating to see that such a large number of workforce is taking the language test exam to get a job in South Korea. Had there been enough job opportunity within the country the skilled and unskilled youth would not have to stand up in a long queue spending a lot of money. A country cannot prosper without engaging its workforce in infrastructure development. It is therefore necessary for the government to make investment in mega-projects, such as airports, railways, roads, hydropower, labour incentive textile industries and modern agriculture. The government must identify some sectors that can have competitive advantages over other neighbouring countries. In order to provide job opportunity to a large number of people we need to launch a massive campaign on building mega structures. We will be left far behind for decades to come in terms of development and prosperity if we let our invaluable workforce migrate to other countries and do not think of holding them back home with round the year job employment in construction, service and production sectors.

Prabin Dhakal, Pokhara  


Apropos of the letter by Kajal Chaterjee, in response to my letter on global human rights injustice, I want to inform him that colonial rulers have carried out their inhuman rioting, abuses and looting treasures of the developing and underdeveloped nations for securing their strategic and economic goals. Selling deadly weapons to poor countries to sustain Western economies and their double standards in dealing with international terrorism to secure Western strategic interests is questionable. Tyrants like Gaddafi and Saddam received huge Western support as long as they fitted into their interest pockets. As soon as their interests differed these tyrants suddenly became ‘harmful dictators’ overnight and gross abusers of human rights? Were they human lovers the day before? Afghanistan has seen the worst love-hate relationship of so-called progressive, Western democracies over centuries that have finally devastated the nation and her people as a big gift from the West. The rise of Neo-Nazis in Europe and the ever present Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist groups in North America, discrimination against aboriginals in Australia and North America and Gypsies in Europe are examples of injustice towards minority human rights in the Western democracies. Not a single US soldier or field officer returning from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other occupations to secure US interests were ever tried in US courts for crimes committed overseas. Providing weapons of destruction in one hand and dropping alms in the begging bowl with the other has been a century old prejudice of Western democracies. Some Eastern intellectuals like living in their self-created cocoon of all things bright and beautiful in the West, and everything dark and dismal in the East.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada