LETTERS: Ignorance is bliss

Apropos of “Having a dream“ (THT, May 30, Page 8), ignorance, as they say, is truly a bliss. FM Bishnu Prasad Poudel’s astounding and incredulous budget for the year 2073/74 B.S. seems to have knocked his illustrious predecessors out of their wits in the parliament.

Even as BPP happily finished his mind-boggling budget rendition which was punctuated at times by a flurry of mirth and laughter he seemed to heave a sigh of relief with the knowledge that god will take over from ‘here onwards’. To his great credit, BPP, at least, presented his budget on time.

Only providence can tell whether the budget will be implemented in its totality. But out of a long list of projects, even if BPP can complete two airports in Pokhara and Bhairahawa he would have done his mighty bit for the country.

Tourists will be able to completely bypass the most polluted city in Asia  Kathmandu  and directly fly into the pristine lake valley and the birthplace of Lord Buddha for wholesome rejuvenation and unlimited wisdom.

Once the airports are completed, the flights will be diverted from Kathmandu bringing down the sonic noise which will allow us in Kathmandu to sleep peacefully at night.

We need not be under the illusion that all the plans and projects unveiled in the budget will see the light of the day. But two airports to start with will be a large feather in the cap of the incumbent government.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu


The kidnapping of a businessman Suresh Kedia’s was shocking news. The Indian and Nepali policemen who launched a combined search and rescue operation managed to rescue him unharmed.

Most of the Tarai districts have now been converted into a safe haven for kidnappers who carry out such acts for ransom. For this reason, business people in the Tarai-Madhes are facing a tough time doing fair business.

Suresh Kedia’s kidnapping is no exception as other people were also kidnapped and some of them could not be rescued. Even minors are kidnapped for ransom, and they are killed if their parents fail to meet the demands of the kidnappers.

It is, therefore, high time that governments of both Nepal and India worked in earnest to control the cross-border crimes, including the kidnapping of people for hefty amounts of ransom. Indian and Nepali security personnel must work in tandem as the criminals know no boundaries.

The persons involved in kidnapping of persons should be meted out maximum punishment as such acts will terrorise society and the business community will lose confidence.

Saroj Wagle, Bara