LETTERS: Immortal Amber

This has reference to the news story “Immortal AMBER” (THT, June 8, Page 18). Music is all about creativity in terms of composing any new song with a new life.

Everyone is gifted with some sort of unique quality in his or her life, such as an extraordinary talent to compose great music and to act like in a real life is what people possess inherently.

Some may acquire skills by rigorous practice and training but they can never acquire the talent that they inherit by birth.

Sadly, great musician Amber Gurung has left us forever. “Man may come and man may go…” but the contribution s/he makes to society, literature, music, scientific invention and innovation are what they are remembered for all the time.

It is the musical talent Amber Gurung had possessed inherently that will make him immortal in the Nepali music world. Passion, perseverance and pursuance are the three key things that make a person successful in his or her life and also leave a deep impact on society.

Ambar Gurung dedicated his entire life for the development of Nepali music which was in an infant state when he started his career about 57 years ago when he sang the song called Nau Lakha Tara Udaya.

Above all, the coming generation will always remember him for the National Anthem for which he composed the music endorsed by the first Constituent Assembly elected to draft a new constitution.

Saroj Wagle, Bara


An article about “Sustainable environment to avert disasters” by Basant K. Chaudhary (THT, June 7, Page 8) has rightly asserted the reality.

Encapsulations of scientist Emmott findings are very realistic and insightful.

Being a consumer I had never even imagined that burger needs 3,000 liters of water and chocolate bars need 2,700 liters of water to keep on the store rack for display, similarly it requires 9,000 liters of water to produce chicken and a pyajamas.

Likewise, for a single unit of chip that is inserted in our laptop, smart phone and our car for backup required 72,000 liters of water to manufacture.

Observing these facts I wonder and started believing that third world war, if ever happens, will be for water because consumerism and demand has gone up very high.

Depletion of natural resources, burgeoning population, less agriculture products and more materialistic world has started showing its effect in terms of climate change.

Developed countries that have ingrained the seeds of industrialization and underdeveloped and developing countries are also following the footsteps of developed countries thinking about reduction, reuse and recycling of materials that have already been used.

Similarly every step that we take shall be calculated in terms of their environmental impact.

We must think about the mother earth and coming generation, not just for the sake of our comfort and immediate benefits at the cost of environmental degradation.

Gaurav Khatiwada, Food technologist