LETTERS: Individual liberty

Apropos of the news story “Sex traders in Pokhara demand labour rights” (THT, Nov. 20, Page 5), the least the

government can do is to offer safe environment to our comfort women to carry on their trade without any fear and obstructions. Unless they were coerced or forced into the trade illegally, there is no need for them to apologize for joining the trade for whatever reason. We are aware that Bihar where women are poorer and discrimination higher, women do not easily take to sex trade as they would to picking rags on the streets or slaving at homes and farms. But Nepal is a liberal country and people have more freedom to profess sex as trade. They cannot be discriminated

against simply because they have chosen this trade. If a Hungarian-born porn star can stand for premiership in Italy in the 1970s, and hardcore Indo-Canadian porn actor Sunny Leone can endear herself to Indian masses as a famous actress, and if a Wall Street intern can find peace in porno over corporation, there is nothing wrong with our women joining sex trade for whatever reason. It is a matter of individual taste and freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. The government must, however, offer them a safe environment to earn their livelihood.

J. Talchabhadell,



It is definitely a delightful news for the general people of Nepal to know that the country will be free from the load-shedding within a year as reported in “Load-shedding will become history within a year” (THT, Nov. 24, Page 9). It is really encouraging to know about this earlier from PM Oli during his recent address to the nation and now from deputy PM and Energy Minister Top B. Rayamajhi. Such similar assurances were also given by past governments. However, they never materialized, rather the load-shedding hours continued to increase.

According to NEA, the current installed capacity of the nation is around 800MW which drops down to around 300MW during the dry season. However, the total demands during the peak seasons stands at around 1,400 MW which is far beyond the current power outputs being generated in the country. Is it possible to generate an

additional 1,100MW within one year to meet the local demand? Are there any solid proofs or projects at hands to address this demand? Otherwise, it does not make any sense to disseminate false promises. Unless, the

people now see the difference, they do not seem easily convinced with such statements. However, the

current Energy Minister, being himself involved in ten year long people’s war should waste no time to fulfill his promise made to the people. For him, there should not be any excuses for not being able to make Nepal a load-shedding free country within one year. Time has come for him to show and prove that the people’s war was really fought for making a new Nepal. Otherwise, he will also be seen and labelled as an opportunist and corrupt Maoist leader.

Rai Biren Bangdel,