LETTERS: Mother’s selfless love

The second Sunday of May is Mother’s day. This is the day to learn from mothers the purest form of love. According to the Mother (Mirra Alfassa), there are four stages of human love.

At first, there are people who love when they are loved. This can be seen in the calculating persons who are narrow-minded and selfish.

Next, one loves spontaneously but one wants to be loved in return. Such a person has a large feeling of love for humanity but wants to be loved in exchange for his or her “selfless” deeds.

Further on, one loves even if one is not loved but one still wants one’s love to be accepted. Here the psychic feels a spontaneous love for all beings, but this pure vibration is still muted by the remnants of the egoistic movements which continue to insist on some form of recognition.

And finally, one loves purely and simply without any other need or joy than that of loving. Such a person acts without any expectation for recognition. A mother’s love for her child generally reaches the purest fourth stage.

On Mother’s day, I want to say to my own mother wherever she is now in this infinite universe - “Mother, I bow to thee!”

Sujit De, Kolkata


It has been found that leaders are confused about the implementation of the constitution. The influential leaders of major parties have been showing their ignorance about incorporated points of the constitution.

Contentious issues of the Tarai based parties are also taken into consideration. Majorly of leaders are not performing their roles as leaders; they are considered as agents of different countries.

Baseless political activities will create problems in every sector. People in human rights bodies and other such associated groups are also not credible.

Surprisingly, PM KP Oli’s decision to appoint unacceptable people in various positions will be another challenge to the rule of law.If leaders are apolitical,the political impasse will continue for a longer period of time.

Manish Koirala, Balkot

Qatari gift

This has reference to the news story “Qatar gifts nine Mercedes cars to Nepal” (THT, May 5, Page 2).

Ambassador Jaseem Mohammed Ali Al-Hamer handed over the keys of nine Mercedes Benz cars to DPM and foreign Minister Kamal Thapa at a function.

By gifting those vehicles the relation between the two nations has further strengthened.

However, the Qatar government should also take steps to improve working conditions of the Nepali workers in its country where thousands of Nepalis are helping build Qatar, including a stadium where the 2022 World Cup will be held.

The Nepali workers building the stadium deserve better treatment with salary and other benefits to sustain in the desert state.

Saroj Wagle, Bara