Apropos of the news story “All girl bands making history at Women in Concert” (THT, March 6, Page 16), it is good to see Nepali women musicians on the rise.

Music is one of the most powerful media to achieve gender empowerment and equality.

Nepal is clearly leading the women’s march towards independence, equality and empowerment as even highly developed countries like Japan suffer from endemic domestic violence and molestation in its fine rail network.

LGBTs should also now hold music performances and Mardi Gras for more attention to their cause and constitutional recognition of their conjugal liaisons.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

It’s good news to know that three rising all-girl bands House of Hope, JOTS and Shree Tara - Women in Concert (WIC) will empower women artistes and others through music and positive messages this International Women’s Day, on March 8.

Women in Concert, a platform for aspiring female musicians and singers for the last 13 years, will return to stage this time too in order to showcase their mission.

The venue for this important event will be none other than Lainchaur, Kathmandu. Many women are expected to come to take part in the concert to be performed by 15 female musicians, one of them being Abhaya Subba.

For the matter of fact, women in Nepal are facing domestic violence and, as such, the concert will give some solace to those afflicted by them. This concert will be helpful mainly for women in our country to understand their capability, strength and will-power.

Only then will they also know about how to fight for their own rights.

Pratik Shrestha, Baneshwor

Post office

It is quite understandable that post office service is dwindling after the advent of internet service, generally in a poor country like Nepal.

The electronic mails have superseded the need of postal services. This is because the post office service primarily concerns are circulating and carrying letters and parcels. However, in the western countries, I find the postal services are doing great jobs.

When I go to the post office I not only tend to post my letter, but I can do various kinds of things such as taking photographs, buying a little bit of stationery and such things. The very amazing thing to see is that they help deliver gigantic parcels, among other things.

I find the modern age post office is drastically different to the old-school definitive meaning of post office. The post offices are surviving in the Western world even when there are drought of letters.

The crucial thing for them is that they are sustaining their opportunities by making alternative-activities in the post offices such as the ones aforementioned. We need to sustain our post office services in Nepal as well to create opportunities for the generations to come.

Otherwise, the coming generation will forget the services the post offices provide to people in the far-flung areas where people rely on post offices to get connected with friends and relatives.

Shiva Neupane, Melbourne