While appreciating US concerns over the situation in Nepal, as manifested by the current visit of Richard Boucher, the assistant secretary for South Asian affairs, to Nepal, I would nevertheless request the US to refrain from giving any military aid (lethal or non-lethal) to Nepal.

By now, Boucher must have realised in which direction the previous US supplies have moved. They were not only directed against the Maoists, as he probably hoped for, but also against innocent demonstrators and poor villagers. The security forces used the ‘warped vision’ and ‘night vision’ helicopters not only to kill the Maoists but the innocent people too. The US support to the RNA gave moral and material support to the royal regime to keep the people under authoritarian rule.

The US must understand that since Nepal is not at war with any country, we do not need arms and ammunition at this point. The Maoists too have declared their peaceful intentions by declaring a ceasefire.

Today’s Maoists are wise enough to avoid placing themselves in a Hamas-like situation. The seven-party alliance had the wisdom to realise this and have taken necessary steps to bring them back into the political mainstream. But this effort could go up in smoke if the US were to restart military aid of any kind.

However, we badly need US economic aid for reconstruction and development. The US has been magnanimous to Nepal right from the early 1950s. Given the long friendly relations, we are certain that US economic help will continue in future as well.

Dr S M Dixit, Chairman, Civil Society for Peace and Development Petty politics

It would be foolish on the part of the seven-party alliance to fight over cabinet berths now. Instead they should respect the people’s wish and their sacrifice and act in the nation’s interest.

The first priority of G P Koirala-led government should be to announce the withdrawal of the Red Corner notice against Maoists and to reciprocate the ceasefire. It is high time our politicians learnt to move beyond petty politics and selfish gains.

The new government should lead the country towards political stability that will ignite economic growth. In this context, the recently announced assistance package by some of the donor countries like India, the US and Norway is good news.

Surya B Prasai, via e-mail

TU exams

The Tribhuvan University (TU) examinations of various levels must not be stopped. The decision of some student leaders to further postpone the exams is not in the interest of all the students. Because of the recent 19-day protests, the classes have been hampered and the exam dates postponed. It would be better if the student unions let the TU authorities

conduct the exams without further delay.

Krishna Gyanwali,



It would be a good idea if THT accepted responses via SMS as well, especially for answers to quiz competitions, so that we don’t have to rush to a computer every time. Also, you should consider sending poll questions and breaking news to your subscribers through SMS.

Bharat Shah, Gwarko