LETTERS: Parents ignored

So many things have happened with the onset of New Year 2074. Everybody is excited with the upcoming local level election. The new constitution has allotted 40 percent seats for female candidates.

One of the new rules issued by the government is to ban honking horns in the Kathmandu Valley and some tangible progress is being made in the health sector and Bagmati clean-up campaign is also going on as in the past.

Another pressing issue being discussed at length is the public outrage against the private schools charging exorbitant fees from parents for the enrollment of children for the new academic year. But the Ministry of Education has done nothing to curb the unscrupulous practice of the private schools which are free to snatch away the money from parents.

Even the concerned ministry has changed the rule in favour of the school operators. Why do we need the ministry and district education offices when they represent the private schools, not the parents and children?

There had been a rule under which the free structure of any private school was to be approved by a two-thirds majority of the guardians and parents represented in the management committee.

Now this rule has been changed after the ministry came under immense pressure from private schools organizations which have also been able to amend the education law in their favour.

Who is going to listen to the grievances of the parents and children when the ministry itself acts like a representative of the private school operators.

Rabin Dumi, Patan Campus


Time and again, we all hear news that Mt. Everest is becoming over-polluted with rubbish taken by the climbers.

So, I believe that the concerned authorities should take immediate action in this regard so that garbage can be collected and disposed of at safe places keeping the environment of the highest point on earth clean.

Like it or not, Mount Everest has become a dumping site due to negligence of the climbers themselves and the ministry concerned. According to the mountaineering rule, the climbers are required to bring back the garbage that they take there and use it at the time of climbing.

But this rule has been flouted by the mountaineers as the liaison officers appointed by the Tourism Ministry seldom stay at the base camp and monitor the activities of all mountaineers. Therefore, it is high time all paid serious attention to this issue. Climbing the highest peak should not be the sole motif of the mountaineers.

They should be mindful of collecting the garbage that they use and bringing them back to the base camp so that they can be airlifted. This should be made mandatory to all the climbers who come to Mt Everest to enjoy mountaineering adventure.

In a nutshell, Mt. Everest is one of UNESCO’s natural heritage sites, preservation of which is the responsibility of all people associated with it.

If we are able to clean up the Everest region we will also be able to attract more mountaineers.

Saroj Wagle, Bara