LETTERS: Show political sincerity

Listening to PM Oli terming the Kathmandu-centric ongoing agitation of the Federal Alliance (FA) simply a farce “Federal Alliance to protest outside PM’s house today” (THT, May 17, Page 1), it does not seem that there is a possibility of political consensus between the ruling and agitating parties in the near future.

If this situation arises, there seems to be a possibility of another serious political confrontation between them creating another political uncertainty.

PM Oli-led government seems to be prepared to crack down on the FA’s agitation by using excessive force which could be very unfortunate for both the government and the agitating forces.

They need to sit together for fruitful dialogue without wasting any more time in order to come to consensus and resolve the current political and constitutional crisis rather than feeling the nerves of each other.

Security personnel need to exercise more restraint in order to lessen human casualties. It is not only the Madhesis but also the Janajatis who have joined the political struggle.

Had the government been wise and serious in resolving the issues during the Madhes based struggle, there would not have been a Kathmandu-centric political struggle.

It has been difficult for the common people to understand why the ruling parties keep claiming that the new constitution was endorsed by 92 percent of the CA lawmakers and is one of the best constitutions in the world.

If it was so, then why have the Madhesis, Tharus, Janajatis, Muslims and other disadvantaged groups been continuously protesting against some of the provisions made in the new constitution.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharjgunj

Mere promises

While visiting the Republic of Singapore recently, I was very much impressed by the water-works to beautify the city, dustless management of the air the Singapuris breath and seemingly a mosquito-free city though it’s temperature and water availability are perfect for mosquito breeding.

I still remember our political party leaders luring us by promising to transform Kathmandu into Singapore in terms of these public achievements, and I was very much depressed by the filthy and dusty air with mosquitoes biting us soon after landing at the TIA.

I would like to opine that our political leaders need not back track from their promises.

By conserving every drop of rain water by putting a dam at the Chovar Gorge we could wash the streets of Kathmandu every night to make our city free of dust and the water used for washing the streets could be cycled and recycled indefinitely making our dreams come true.

I would also like to suggest our political party leaders not to organize street cleansing shows in the middle of the day with bamboo-stick brooms that spreads the dust settled on the surface of the streets into the air causing more pollution in the air we breathe.

R Manandhar, Kathmandu