LETTERS: They made us proud

This is in response to the news story “Nepal beats India, wins U-19 Championship” (THT, Aug. 30, Page 1). No kudos is enough for the highly gifted and talented Nepali youngsters for beating the giants of the subcontinent and winning the U-19 SAFF Championship. Not only is it a great day for Nepal, but for Asia and international football as well. If all glories are cornered by India, South Korea or Iran or Germany or Argentina the international football scene will not only be a bit boring due to lack of variety, the game will also fail to make deep impact in all countries of the globe. If more success is achieved by different countries, people of the said nations would get more attracted to football and thereby develop the game as well. In this context, the success of Nepal in the Championship speaks of a very good omen. It is hoped that this bunch of young successful Nepali footballers will not rest on their laurels only. Rather they will translate this success in senior stage also and emerge as a footballing power house of Asia. If the footballers carry on the task with utmost seriousness and the concerned authorities also ensure proper nurturing of upcoming new talents, there lies no reason why Nepal will not lift the Asia Cup in very near future or not represent Asia in the World Cup as well. This is my sincerest wish for Nepal from the deepest core of my heart.

Kajal Chatterje, Kolkata


The news of repeated violence across the nation is a dangerous symptom for the long term health and sustainability of the emergent democracy of Nepal. Any act of unprovoked attacks on policemen is highly condemnable and unless all the stakeholders involved restrain from practicing violence, the nation currently at crossroads could enter into a chaotic political mismanagement, social unrest and state of civil war. Playing with people’s sentiment is always a double edged sword and not successfully delivering the basic minimum to the underprivileged communities of the nation is a social evil. It is time for all the political parties of Nepal to introspect their hollow promises, doubtful credentials and repeated failures in delivering their minimal administrative and social-welfare programs to the masses. Public at large should also adopt democratic means for expressing their frustrations and anger and not resort to violence as a vehicle of protest.

Simply criticizing and attacking political parties will also not bring solution to any problem as they are also members of the same society.

Moving Nepal forward to the path of democracy and progress is a common responsibility of every citizen of this beautiful nation. It is time for every citizen of Nepal to have faith in the process of democracy and work towards strengthening its root deeper in the nation rather than making it weak by adopting violence as means of protest and agitation escalating the process of destabilization of the nation.

Saikat Kumar Basu, Canada