The second meeting of the Eminent Persons Group (EPG) held in New Delhi, India must be a matter of concern for every Nepali “EPG agrees to contextualise 1950’s treaty” (THT, October 6, Page 1) as the meeting has identified areas where Nepal wants to make some changes to contextualise the present day international and diplomatic relations with other countries.

Nonetheless, some provisions mentioned in the bilateral 1950’s Treaty of Peace and Friendship between The Government of India and The Government of Nepal are not in favour of Nepal and as per the principle of sovereign equality.

Illegal trade, smuggling and human trafficking have been flourishing thanks to the open border between the two nations.

Moreover, border disputes between the two countries in some section should also be addressed amicably.

Nepal had been raising the issue of revising the 1950 Peace and Friendship Treaty with India after the restoration of democracy in Nepal in 1990. Article 5 and 7 of treaty needs to be contextualised to suit the present day reality as so many things – diplomatic and economic relations – have undergone a sea of change since the treaty was signed 66 years ago.

As an independent and sovereign nation, Nepal has also reached bilateral and multilateral agreements with other countries, including China, and has also become a member of the World Trade Organisation.

These two Articles have become redundant as both the countries have practically abandoned its original spirit.

Even if the new treaty is signed to replace it Nepal-India relations will remain cordial and friendly as it used to be.

Sanjog Karki, Tansen


Indeed, this is the time to go to our villages where our parents are patiently waiting for us in homes no matter what they are made of.

We can feel something priceless and invaluable which is the ‘touch of blessing with tons of love from our parents’. Parents never get tired of supporting their children in terms of finance, health care and education and necessary advice.

Although all the parents may not be financially capable of supporting their children they always try their best to make their dream come true. Parents are the most important people in our life especially during our career development.

Without their blessings the children will never be able to succeed in their life. Parental support is vital at some point of our life. We also need to support them when they grow older and are not strong enough to earn and work.

This is the bond that keeps us stronger together. Dashain is one of the festivals in our culture that brings parents and children together even if life may be busy and hectic and the journey may be very arduous.

It is the festival that also connects people, relatives and friends and gives an opportunity to get together in their villages or towns. Wish you to all a happy Dashain.

Saroj Wagle, Bara