LETTERS: Trumpian approach

Apropos of the news story “Trump seeks limits on visa programme for skilled workers” (THT, April 5, Page 13), at times we need a person like President Trump to protect employment opportunities for the countrymen.

By almost doubling the minimum salary for tech workers, President Trump has opened the possibility of attracting American skilled workers to the Silicon Valley which has relied on cheap imports, mainly from India, under H-1B visa at around 60,000 dollars annual salary.

We need to apply Trumpian policy in our hospitality and other industries, which import senior executives including accountants like fugitive casino mogul and general managers, mainly from other countries, citing lack of skilled Nepalis for top posts.

What is shocking is a few Nepalis who somehow manage to bag the post of general manager will receive highly trimmed pay and perks package.

The companies openly resort to such discriminatory practices. Also, do we have a body to check such deviant behaviour of the companies.

Manohar Shrestha, Kathmandu

Local polls

The day for holding local level polls is approaching fast. The Election Commission (EC) claims that it is ready to hold the polls on the scheduled date and the preparation for it is in full swing.

Prime Minister Dahal seems to be trying hard to convince both the opposition and Madhes based parties to resolve their political differences and come on board and create a conducive environment for the local polls.

He still seems hopeful that his government will make a deal with UDMF in a few days’ time and hold the local polls in a peaceful manner “PM Dahal still hopeful of pact with UDMF” (THT, April 4, Page 1).

On the other hand, the opposition led by the UML and disgruntled parties do not seem to budge from their political stand. The UML does not want to amend the constitution now “Constitution amendment after civic polls: Nepal” (THT, April 4, Page 3).

However, the UDMF has been demanding that it will not let the local polls be held until its demands are addressed “First statute amendment then election” (THT, April 4, Page 3).

But, the local level and two other polls should be held at any cost considering the urgency of ending transition soon. For this, the implementation of the new constitution before 21 January 2018 is a must.

It is known to all the political parties that the lack of local level people’s representatives for the last 20 years has been a huge drawback for implementing several development programs depriving the local population of better government services.

The all-party mechanism to foresee the local level development activities was a total failure and the unelected representatives were heavily involved in corruption. Considering this situation, the forthcoming local level elections hold extraordinary importance.

Elections of people’s representatives are the backbone of democracy.

However, for the last twenty years, none of the major political parties, who claim to be champions of democracy, was serious and committed to hold the local elections for one or other reasons.

Rai Biren Bangdel, Maharajgunj