Life is beautiful

You sit in a corner – alone and abandoned; untouched by the temptations that everybody else is holding on to. You’ve no hands to pull you up to stand on your feet and ask you to come along. You’ve treasured the golden silence inside you that isn’t absurd, but yet it remains unnoticed.

There’s no heart that understands the optimal depth of your feelings, the ultimate meaning of your silence and the real cause of your loneliness. You feel sick of yourself and then you discover that your inner strength has somewhat diminished and you fall on your knees because you’re weak – weaker than every other existing soul.

You discover this too that your emotions are manipulated by your very own self and to some extent, you might even feel that your presence is taken for granted.

You feel tired of thinking about how you feel about yourself. But then still you wish to stand up on your own feet and keep walking in this journey of life leaving behind all your emotional sickness.

But then you still lament about your life, “to yourself”, because everybody else is too busy with their own lives to listen to you -- about how you feel and how bad you crave to confront your self-sickness to someone compatible and amiable who’ll just listen to you and explain to you that you aren’t left alone.

The feelings that keep on battling inside you need to be silenced with your inner peace that comes with your spiritual wit. You just can’t be broken into pieces as your inner peace breaks down and you sink into the thought of your inner sickness once again.

Despite every war of emotions and sentiments that you go through, learning to be upright even though nothing is going right is what winning your life is. When you learn to laugh even with a heavy heart initially, it’ll make it easier for you to create real reasons of happiness, and the laughter you once used to fake comes alive from the very core of your heart because now you’ve learnt to strive to get rid of your pessimistic self.

Life isn’t a wish-granting factory after all. You need to adore the mess of life to fulfil your wishes for all absolutely simple yet jovial and happy life.

Trust your instincts, trust yourself and keep walking in this life’s journey. Live it and learn it. Let your charm still be abundant even if you’re abandoned!