Familiarity with lightning is devastating. There flies the belief of the thunderbolt in god’s hand to unleash power of mind-boggling intensity and electrical capacity. They remain plain myths, but the destructive part is the reality. They are not innocuous. The high decibel blare can get your ear drums out of order. But, the tens of voltage landing on human beings can, without doubt, be fatal. And, going by reported stories, scores of people fall down because of lightning attacks. Nature, as such, has its own set

of rules which our tiny brains cannot fathom, despite all the so called technological sophistication that the scientists have delivered. The shocking news continues to fill the pages all too often of deaths from lightning originating from the heavens.

The milder undercurrents rely on justifying them as of celestial identity.

If so much lives are lost to the natural phenomena, it must stir up the imaginations of the humans to try for the almost impossible scientific mitigation attempts. But, if a way can be found to harness the immense electrical potential that manifests as lightning, one can but imagine the gains that would come overflowing. That, however, seems a farfetched story to be a bit serious. It’s for a worthy cause. But, with whom and where? That is the question that defies all imagination as the working of Mother Nature is beyond our realm. Yet, there’ll always be hope for miracles dropping out of the blue instead of the deadly lightning to give us the needed reassurance.