You are well dressed, after taking twenty minutes. You put on your expensive suit and well polished shoes and go out of your home for a special task; let that be a party or meeting, you then enter into small way to reach your destiny and SPLASH!! Your coat gets victimized with jelly like something…You put your hand thereby and figure it out that it’s a shit! You watched above and discovered the bitter fact that a bird shitted onto your coat!

That’s terrible and you may want to hit a stone, but ultimately you figure out that it was a natural accident and you accept it. But what if the case is of waste thrown by someone out of their window that makes your twenty minutes dress up go vain? I was travelling in when the person in front of me got hit from the vegetable wastes thrown out of the window thereby. He started scolding the person, and there was a small crowd all of a sudden.

It is understandable that there might be various waste products in your house and you might lack the place to throw it. Does that mean you should throw it out of your window in the street? You really don’t possess any rights to do so and making it difficult for pedestrians. Why can’t people do such things? You might throw it watching people but still that pollutes the road and makes the surrounding dirty after all.

This might sound something that is not new for those peoples in Kathmandu who are habituated to it, but why do people ignore their moral duty? It indeed is disgusting. They take out their door mats, carpets and remove the dirt through window and don’t even care who is walking down. They wash the dishes and throw the dirty water down without even a glance!

Now, I don’t want you to make your room polluted with a huge collection of wastes. Don’t take it in other way round, but I seriously want you to recycle! The wastage of vegetables can be recycled in the best way. Try throwing in the pot and you can ultimately put mud above it and get the best fertile place to grow flowers. That’s fine if you are not interested in flowers, you can grow chilies there or any shrubs like tomatoes there. Other waste products can be recycled or used in the proper way. You have the entire rights to produce waste products but mind it, you really don’t have any right to pollute the environment and create hindrance for others. Let’s live in healthy room, healthy flat, healthy house, healthy society and ultimately a healthy nation!