In the span of a year, the Argentinian national football team lost two major finals. In 2014, they had lost against Germany in the World Cup. Now, they have lost against the host Chile in tie-breakers in Copa America.

Many football pundits believe that Argentina is the best football team across the world for some time now. Four-time Ballon D’Or (it can be read as World Player of the Year) winner and the captain Lionel Messi leads Argentina from the centre. Fancy attacking line-up consisting of Aguero, experienced Tevez and lank yet powerful Di Maria simply puts Argentina into an ‘elite’ football team. Midfield is also controlled beautifully by the likes of Mascherano and Rodriguez. Rojo, Zabaleta and Demichelis —playing for 10 years–cement the defence line strongly.

Football Club Barcelona (FCB)’s most prized academy-production Messi has got a lot of achievements with his club. The invincible player has won 7 La Liga and 4 Champions League titles till now with the FCB. His Ballon D’Or also credits his success in the club. Further, the short and gentle centre-forward is often criticized for his unsuccessful run with the national team of Argentina. The only mentionable success he got with the international side is winning the Olympics gold medal. Even, that was long ago—7 years.

In my opinion, Messi is a bit unlucky with his national team. In World Cup final, they conceded a goal in the second half of extra time. Recent substitute - young and talented forward from Bayern Munich FC – Mario Gotze chest-headed a fine pass and scored the winning goal. Nevertheless, that game was a 50-50 affair. Messi himself missed one or two very good chances. Talking about the recently concluded Copa America final, Argentina and Messi once again proved to be an unlucky side. They could not connect the numerous chances they made into the 90 minutes. Tie-breakers are mere luck, and Argentina is not lucky enough to win a major title. Consequently, they lost in the spot kick. We cannot forget the penalty shoot-out win against Colombia in the quarter finals though. But, that didn’t give them a trophy anyway.

In conclusion, Argentina’s losing streak continues to 24 years since winning the 1991 Copa America tournament. Maradona and the team had won the 1986 World Cup. Additionally, Messi with the unlucky Argentinian side has to wait three more years to end the title drought, and compete well enough to win the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia.