A handful of MEd students vandalised Padma Kanya Campus, manhandled teachers and misbehaved with college students when invigilators warned the erring examinees against cheating and making noises. The vandals first tore up their own question papers and answer sheets then proceeded to rip to shreds the papers of other examinees. PK Campus put the loss on Wednesday at around Rs.200,000. This is the fourth time MEd students of Tribhuvan University Central Campus have wreaked havoc inside PK premises.

Sadly, counterparts in other streams are not behind when it comes to threatening invigilators when they try to be strict inside exam halls. In another recent incident, a student of Political Science, also of TU Central Campus, threatened to retaliate against the invigilator at Tri-Chanda College when the answers brought in for cheating purposes were confiscated. His assertion that the confiscation should be on a “proportional basis” would be farcical were it not indicative of the larger malaise in our education system. When carrots don’t do the job, it’s time to bring out sticks. Only the threat of strong punitive action will instil a semblance of discipline in the increasingly violence-prone youth of government campuses. There can be no two way about it. The erring examinees should be arrested, barred from future TU exams, and their exam papers cancelled.