The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of the man,” is how Roy L. Smith dwelt on the topic. This defines how a man should act and behave not only in relation to self but to others as well. Responsibility. This is the key to intra- and inter-personal relationships. Not to speak of what happens during moments of mid-life crisis. Responsibility forms, in large mesure, a man’s cup of tea. An awareness of this salient fact alone will guide him in every sphere of life - private and public. This is a recognition of his ability as it becomes in course of time a face-saving gesture not to be taken

too lightly.

So he acknowledges the presence of others around him - friends, family and relatives - and relates to them accordingly. So there is no doubt or hesitation in forging a stable, ongoing relationship. For everything he does, acceptance becomes the byword.

The idea is to respond and handle situations in a responsible manner in a way that corresponds to his judgmenmt - social or otherwise. Others look upto him to express his opinion and deliver the goods in a befitting manner and in all earnestness. A sense of what should be the right course to follow enables him to steer clear of pitfalls and gives time to reconsider decisions. Allowing for a margin of error will provide him with a degree of authority never before experienced.

A man who looks after his family, or who holds an important position in a firm is one who readily accepts his duties and responsibilities. In each case he plays a pivotal role in fulfilling expectations and contributing his mite to society - in a way that does him credit. Shouldering responsibility gives him an edge when dealing with mundane matters more so than he accepts it in all its entirety. It enables him to respond in a variety of different ways which fuse into a whole concept of living and interacting. The effect being an ordering of the chaos, confusion and uncertainties that a responsible man normally faces and is burdened with. Concerning himself with the gravity of the times and the opportunities of an age is in itself a measure of all that he stands for. Being in a position of trust and able to hold sway over matters of personal concern marks him out as being responsible. And leaves room for little else as this means giving his best according to the need of the hour and the day.