Meaty question

The Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Technical Directives, prepared by the Veterinary Public Health Office (VPHO), could be of tremendous help for the implementation of the Slaughterhouse and Meat Inspection Act, 2055 BS. The new directives will now give the local bodies the authority to effectively enforce the law. The VPHO is only waiting for the approval of the Department of Livestock Services to publish and distribute the directives to all concerned, including the local bodies. If all goes as planned, the VPHO officials claim, the legislation could be operative by mid-June. The Act forbids killing of animals for public consumption without determining their health condition. One of the most vital provisions of the Act is concerned with transporting and killing of animals. It says, “Animals should not be killed and transported in a macabre manner.”

Strict implementation of the law is very important as it concerns public health. This also involves the issue of cruel treatment of the animals in the process. But once the Act is enforced, municipalities would have to manage specific areas for animal slaughtering and ensure the quality of the meat and its products sold in the market. This would help ensure the supply of hygienic meat and meat products, and also keep the environment clean. Many studies in the past have shown the risks associated with consumption of meat now being sold in the local markets. It is high time the country put in place an organised system to make sure that meat and meat products available in the market are safe for consumption.