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I recently attended a six-day meditation programme in Pokhara. The programme, called Dhyan Samadhi, was organised by Osho Dhara Kendra.

The programme is typically is divided into two parts: Ananda Pragya and Bipasyana Dhyan Samadhi.

Dhyan Samadhi teaches various types of meditation, such as dance meditation, dynamic meditation and laughter meditation, among others. Each day starts with an hour of meditation, followed by various classes and other meditation sessions.

These classes impart lessons on living life the right way. They teach right expression, right acceptance, right relationships and right actions.

During the programme, I realised how practical the teachings were. Though I was well acquainted with some of these teachings, I did see them from a new perspective. In all the sessions of the programme, the main lesson was to live in the present with total awareness.

After each meditation and classes, I felt rejuvenated. I am not new to meditation. I come from a family that reveres Osho and follows his teachings and meditation techniques.

Every week or so, my family members and relatives get together to practise meditation and discuss Osho’s teachings.

We also listen to Osho’s discourses.

Osho’s meditation programmes teach us to live each moment with joy.

Meditation is a way of life.

Meditation isn’t just something we do, rather it is something that we experience in our inner self. It is about self actualisation and creating self awareness.

Meditation makes one a better person who respects others and imparts joy to others. If you start your day with meditation, you will find yourself energised throughout the day.

Meditation can be a powerful tool to enhance our intelligence, compassion and empathy.

Therefore, I think the youth, in particular, will gain much through Osho’s meditation methods.

I signed up for Dhyan Samadhi and received much more than I thought I would. One of the things I noticed about the programme was how happy and joyful the participants were by the end. The participants were brimming with joy, and it was clear that the meditation classes had been quite effective.

And even though I am well versed with meditation, I too received a new-found joy through this programme.

Thanks to Dhyan Samadhi, I have come to see the world with renewed vigour, peace, joy and compassion.

A version of this article appears in print on May 07, 2019 of The Himalayan Times.

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