MIDWAY: A piece of cake

Oh! Small eyes, small ears and very small legs. They were the ones I had to train for a whole year. Looking at their structure I was a bit apprehensive.

They wished me in a very melodious tone. They were the children who had been promoted to class two and it was their first day in class. Looking at me, some were a little puzzled, some nervous, and some ready with their new books while the others impatient to hear something fresh from me.

Looking at them reminded me of old students. I was very happy to see new faces but missed my old students who were very precious to me. I asked a boy his name. “Adit,” he answered very confidently. A smart girl from the front row asked me, “Teacher, what is your name?” Again she yelled “and your surname?” She was smiling and looked very secure. But I don’t know what happened to me. I asked myself if I was nervous, puzzled, worried or animated. I realised that I was more nervous than them. I made myself tranquil and a little cosy and introduced myself to them. I thought it would be a Herculean task!

My school and children are my life. Once when I was at a wedding party and standing on the dancing floor, looking at a friend near me, I had burst out, “Tie your shoe laces.” Oh my god, I blushed and realised that I was being too professional. I was looking at his nails and wanted to tell him to cut them but I could not stand there any more and ran away from the venue.

Every day was a new experience. I would gear up to answer their innocent queries, ready to smile and discover their mischievous deeds. The whole year passed within no time. They learned many new words, were able to form proper sentences and acquired more knowledge. The year was drawing to a close. Finally the last day also arrived. Children were happy and relaxed but I could not avoid a mixed feeling of missing them, but was also happy that they were going up to the next class.

This is how I miss my children every year. Only I know how I get attached to them and burst into tears when I reach home at the end of the year. Never did I know that I would get so much love from my pupils. Now the classroom is in my thou-ghts, children my happiness and this job a piece of cake.