Less babies - sounds simple. Nepal has always been and will probably continue to be a hot bed for myriads of problems, whether it is the lack of electricity, water or such others. Essential goods nowadays are getting scarce and more expensive with every passing day.

This has prompted me to think about solutions which might lead to our salvation (whatever this might mean). I don’t think the answer lies in generating more electricity or creating jobs. Sure, being able to watch TV and having a source of income to sustain oneself can look like a way of living, but it is hardly a solution to our ever growing discontentment with life. This is and will always just be a temporary fix; work today to live another day. Sounds tedious, doesn’t it?

Nepal’s population is roughly around 28.9 million right now, and will probably hit 40 million by 2025, according to projected statistics, unless strict population control mechanisms are set in place (which is doubtful). This brings me back to our original problem of having less of everything, except the number of people.

I am probably starting to sound a little cynical by placing all the faults on ourselves, the people, but then again we are the source of all problems, small and big alike.

Imagine for a second that Nepal’s population was half of what it really is today, then we would literally be able to halve our problems in no time at all. We would have less crime, less strikes, less need for oil, and well less of everything. But, then again reducing the population size of any country is not a task that any mere mortal could achieve in his or her lifetime. Overpopulation in general is a global disturbance which will most likely lead to the ultimate downfall of the human race. Its power is so immense that even the richest countries with strong and stable

governments could be brought down on their knees in a blink. So, we should not be asking what our country can do for us in these dark times (literally), but what we can do for our country. The answer is simple. Stop making too many babies. I would recommend to all thinking about getting married to limit themselves to one child, should

they decide to start a family. Remember! More people, more problems!