MIDWAY : An emergent trend

An emergent trend is in vogue when models flaunt fashion on the ramp or other accessories, and is the choice of a lifestyle that is upbeat. Mannequins displayed in store windows cater to those who are fashion conscious.

It gives them chance to dress according to the occasion whether it is a bachelor’s party, a candlelit dinner for two or a riotous gathering. It evinces itself in the designer’s imagination before becoming a fad and an attractive piece of haute couture for teenagers.

Choosing a trendy lifestyle is the in-thing for those with big bank balance, flashy cars and bungalows. True, these may appeal to some by their materialistic values, but then it is

not everything. Some may go for aesthetic norms and become a vegetarian or opt for a more meaningful life; while others may choose to spend quality time with their near and dear ones and become a paragon of virtue.

The latest cell phone becomes outdated in a short period, to be replaced by a new, trendier version. It turns into a craze amongst the smart aleck crowd

and is much in demand because it has additional features built into it to make it a more efficient tool for communication. Nothing beats it and it becomes a showy piece and a symbol of the new generation.

One can take into consideration how and why things become popular even it is for a short while. For then, decisions have to be made concerning the product. Trying to overdo in this connection means a lot of headache although it is feedback received to the thing being promoted.

The emergent trend takes into account the mood of the moment, literally taken to new heights. It encompasses living, doing, thinking and gaining a fresh perspective, providing a boost to the ideas being presented for review and critical appreciation — and becomes a subject for debate and discussion.

A trend is a vogue which is short-lived. It becomes ingrained in the way life is lived and bypasses lesser considerations because it comes under criticisms before giving a pride of place. Perceiving something as being trendy is to accept the current, ongoing situation. As such only its acceptance can pave the way for it becoming a craze.