MIDWAY : Anything fresh?

The all-famous 70s, 80s and 90s Rock-n-Roll and Heavy Metal can be considered as all time favourites of music lovers. But it is also a reasonable question to ask — does everybody know deep down what standards do these songs have or is it only a means of looking Grunge or Punk, as they call it. It can be seen in many of the concerts, its patrons sporting long hair and a tight pant with a hole in it. Obviously, all such trends symbolise Heavy Metal. Further still, the followers of Heavy Metal stream of music can be recognised with their looks and not by their talent. Psychosis does mean a lot in this business. Success means making millions in this arena, which is also the ultimate path of its followers.

There are many people who classify music. It is also reasonable to ask — how can any genre of music be classified? It is only the way of expressing one’s feelings. It certainly cannot be classified. But the trend of sporting a typical look is mostly related with Hard Rock songs. It can be considered as an integral part of Hard Rock society, which has been spreading like an infection. If someone has a hole in his socks, they call it Grunge.

It is appalling to note that school children are mostly addicted to this genre. Everybody has a different taste. Some associate Hard Rock with shouting and noise but the ones involved in it actually understand all the finer aspects of this type of music. This is not about being addicted. It is about feeling short-changed and wanting to shake the inner being of the majority of us. It is certainly not following the Western culture. The love for music developed along with the progression of human civilisation. Tens of thousands of people represent this group all over the globe.

This is the beginning of a new era. Some say that Hard Rock is going down and the day of Hip-Hop and Rap has started. But Hard Rock has still not gone down, it is slowly rising up again. And the world still hungers for more. Which era will see the end of music? This question is not going to be liked by everyone and at first glace this may seem odd. Progress means a lot in the world and end of something is the beginning of the other. Can we expect something new now or will it be the same old stuff?