MIDWAY: As free as a bird

Tense eyes, nervous faces, trembling legs, bright red resplendent tika on foreheads, soft murmur of last-minute discussions and most importantly those significant admission cards – words clearly fail to capture the scene of the SLC examinees outside the examination centre just before their watches tick half past seven.

Getting up early in the morning, savouring the taste of meal, praying and reaching the “destination” in the school bus with all the friends are the things that have left an imprint in our minds. Cracking jokes and uniting into a celestial laughter were the best things to be done to fight tension and anxiety on the way.

Reminiscing about the abstract humour wafting through the bus and the marvellous power it had to make us feel better, confident and to gear us up for the challenges that just lay ahead still succeed in setting up an indomitable mood. Sitting on the weathered benches and struggling to write the finest possible answers has become one of the best experiences in our life. And when the day’s exam is over, walking out of the examination centre still feeling a bit edgy but incredibly happy that the exam was finally over, discussing our answers with friends and talking about the invigilators are some sweet memories that will forever be cherished.

It’s been something like a week since the SLC exam was over and the euphoria is slowly subsiding. The examination is now over. “Interesting” news about the exam had definitely created a hubbub in the media and the entire country during the past week but everything is eventually slowing down. Students have tried their best to achieve perfection and now we can do nothing but anticipate the best results.

As holidays have started, some of us may be planning for a bridge course or any other courses in language or computer while some of us may desire to get into sports or any other field of personal interest. Whatever may be the plan, we feel free for a few months.

Free, I mean entirely free. We have almost three months to spare — a few moments of calm to prepare for our busy and worthy life ahead. Whatever you do, beware! An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.