MIDWAY : Avoiding disappointments

Disappointments are an inevitable part of everyone’s life, but they can be avoided at little or no cost to self. For it partakes bittersweet memories best left forgotten. Disappointments prick one to the point of exasperation and makes life that much harder to accept.

When one becomes disappointed, it leaves one feeling out of sorts and in dilemma on the future course of action. Thus it is advisable not to fall into the trap of ill feeling, disorientation and confusion. But left to itself, it soon vaporises into thin air. For this to happen, one has to live in a way that irks nobody and any premonition that something is going to happen needs to be heeded.

Avoiding disappointments is not easy as it is unexpected and arrives with vehemence akin to a creditor who fails to collect the lump sum owed by a debtor. Here payment cannot be made within the timeframe and is often deferred. So it leaves both high and dry and makes a mockery of their tenuous relation.

Disappointment also comes in the guise of a failed attempt, which is synonymous with failure. Not being able to achieve pass marks in exam papers, being turned down in an interview and having one’s request rejected outright may be some causes of disappointments. The full force of what is to come takes over and leaves one helpless and forlorn.

It is as if fate ordained and dealt a heavy blow to one’s self respect and made sure that it be remembered as a red-letter day. To be drowned in remorse and misery. Nothing seems the same and one becomes bereft of even a shred of emotion.

It is up to one to avoid being disappointed. Be it in business dealings, or an affair that has gone sour or one’s health that is the cause for concern, it is still possible to recover from this thorn in the side and to cover up for one’s mistake. This means not being sidelined. A step in the right direction will bolster one’s cognitive faculties of judgment.

Here it can be noted that the moment at hand can have a beneficial effect. It gives time to take stock

of the situation and take care of the loose ends. Perhaps then, the result will turn out in one’s favour marking the end of a disappointing phase.