MIDWAY: City of dreams

Hong Kong, a tiny dot on the globe, is a vibrant cosmopolitan and a world in itself. From the sky, one can see blue sea, star ferries, hills and slender tall buildings. Landing in Hong Kong airport is exhilarating when the wings of the airplane almost seem to touch the sea. From the moment one enters the airport, the advanced transport technology takes over. The Mass Transit Railway connects all parts of Hong Kong. The fast-pace and effectiveness of the place can be felt from the moment one passes through the immigration.

Hong Kong citizens take pride in their transport system. With their ‘octopus cards’, they can enter bus or train and also get discounts while shopping. Within an hour, one can reach from a green suburban New Territories area to the hustle-bustle of Central. Parts of Kowloon, in particular TST and Mongkok, serve as a shopping paradise. Hong Kong is home to some

fine restaurants that serve Oriental, Indian, Continental and Western dishes. With the idea of promoting tourism, the tall buildings on both sides of Victoria Harbour present the light show every evening for 15 minutes.

The Peak provides a spectacular view of Hong Kong, a must visit for the first-timers. Ocean Park and Disney Land are other great attractions. While these can be fun-filled places for family-bonding and friends, Lan Kwai Fong serves as an amazing clubbing venue with great night life. Hong Kong also situates world’s tallest sitting Buddha in Lantau Island. A series of beaches in Stanley provide picnic spots and barbeque facilities. Hong Kong also situates the world’s longest escalator in Mid-levels. A fine Nepali restaurant can be spotted in one of its alleys.

The city planning and management needed to house seven million people is praiseworthy. Only four and a half hours by plane from Nepal, Hong Kong has thousands of Nepali immigrants. Some of the families are descendants of the Gurkha soldiers, who have settled down quite well; while most are job-seekers, struggling to lead a decent life. Hopefully, ‘New Nepal’ can provide a better platform to support her own people so that they won’t find themselves adrift on the never-ending quest for a better life.