MIDWAY: Course of life

Change is the law of nature. Nothing remains in the same state. Things change into something new in due course under the influence of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Buds spring up, develop into beautiful flowers and wither away; people are born, they grow up into adults, contribute their bit, and leave this world. Nothing lasts forever. Even the future of the 238-year-old institution of monarchy is now hanging in the balance. Who would have imagined this till recently?

The best one can do is be prepared for the inevitable change. It might be favourable or not. But one’s got to take it in one’s stride. It is futile to fret over the future as people, by and large, cannot change the course of history. It’s always wise to live in the present and enjoy life to the fullest while we can.

One of my uncles lost his daughter a few years ago. She left behind two little boys aged 9 and 12 years. How could these children have ever prepared themselves for such a tragedy? We can only speculate. This unpredictability of life prompts me to stay focused on the present and not to think beyond tomorrow. We are given to worrying endlessly about the things we have no control over. And this seems ridiculous. Worried about what the distant future might bring upon us, we miss the opportunity to enjoy the present.

But we should never give up our big dreams just because the future is beyond our control; for what would life be without dreams? On the other hand, mesmerised by the sweet dreams, we should not forget the present which is real. Our duty is only to act tirelessly. This calls for a delicate balancing act: being realistic about our future plans but dwelling on the present.

We need to be honest with ourselves. Most of us know our capabilities and limitations. It’s always safe to remain within those boundaries. But that should not necessarily mean acting half-heartedly. Some men will continue to test new waters and sometimes they go beyond their capacity and get frustrated. It’s their choice. It might not be yours. To understand what we really want of life, we need to dig deep and explore all our choices. We should learn to revel in the present and try to achieve more in the future.