MIDWAY : Dance with (de)light

How many among us can perform tandav nritya or any dance that requires stomping? Hopelessly, very few. And, that’s a pity. The cosmic dance of Natraja may bring light and, by extension, delight, to the light-starved millions in Kathmandu and elsewhere. Even Pashupatinath may marvel at the utility of the dance, murmuring on the sly: nothing to worry about! At least Natraj manages to perform divine miracles!

The brainchild comes down from a London-based owner of a discotheque named Surya Bar. Its owner applied a unique technology under the dance floor: the energy generated by the energetic movements of jaunty dancers is automatically transformed into electrical energy. And this ensures a ravishingly profitable scenario: the power thus produced meets 60% of the required energy to run the discotheque. Hats off to the Englishman!

Back home, the ballpark figures of dance bars and restaurants put the number of mushrooms to shame. The number of great dan-cers, therefore, should be pretty sizable in the country. Each house may soon have a dance floor — why go jogging along filthy and smoky streets: lose weight and cut down on electricity bill by dancing at home!

Home Ministry, Nepal Electricity Authority and Dance Bars & Restaurants’ Association would do good to the public by taking the cue from the Englishman’s brainchild. The Home Ministry instead of being hell-bent to turn dance bars and restaurant into some sort of bhajan mandalis could turn them into safer and sober places of entertainment by making sure no exploitative, violent and lewd activities take place therein.

Nepal Electricity Authority instead of distributing white lies like ‘receded water level as the cause of electricity penury’ can save its ‘dark’ face by importing the Surya Bar savoir faire and making its application mandatory in all dance bars and restaurants. This should require less investment than in barrages. For the Dance Bars and Restaurants’ Association, it’s an easy guess. By narrowly complying with the terms and conditions of the Joint Project, it will avoid the midnight raids by police and cut down heavily on exorbitant electricity bills. Who knows! The whole country may soon be dancing in light and delight!