MIDWAY : Darling buds of love

I don’t have a sister. I had a doll once many years ago that came close to being a sister, but when she started acting terribly, I dumped her in the courtyard.

I think this happens to most ten-year-olds without sisters who suddenly wake up one morning

to find that this little torn thing needs to get a life. I may not know what exactly it is to have a sister, but those who have them say the same things I say about my closest friends.

The best thing about friends is that we have the liberty to choose them. Think about it. From among the billions of people in the world, we attach ourselves to just a select few. It is after all a choice we have made. We’re constantly ‘fine-slicing’ the thousands of people we come across our lives daily, sifting through their characters, matching our nature to theirs, much like we match the colour of jewelry and clothes.

To me, this ‘click’ happens rather rarely; to others often. We choose that this female with a caustic sense of humour or a strong sense of discipline or with the serene nature, appeals to us. Somewhere down the way, we see reflections of ourselves in this person.

We share the same sentiments, have similar predile-ctions, love the same movies and etcetera, etcetera. We may have contradictory viewpoints, but largely, we make a good fit. That’s what friend’s are. A good fit.

I believe that friends and books must be chosen carefully. Frankly, I really do not like the idea of having too many friends who are good for nothing. I can’t imagine how I would handle if I had too many of them. Perhaps, that’s why I have a few friends that I truly care.

They are not only my backslapping buddies but my strength at tough times, when I need them the most. Our journey of friendship began since the beginning of our high school but the love that binds us continues to blossom like the darling buds of spring.

I consider myself fortunate to have a small but closely-knit clutch of friends. I know I can count on them whenever I need them. With them ‘For-granted-ness’ is not an F word; we treat the other like an extension of our own self or someone who we’d rather be ourselves. We are lucky to have one such friend. And if we have two, god must have been too kind.