MIDWAY: Dieting dangerously

Years ago, one of my friends was rushed to a local hospital when she was found lying unconscious in her room. Doctors had to give her several doses of glucose, vitamins etc. in order to regain her consciousness. Later on, the doctor attending to her found out that she had been skipping lunch and dinner for the last couple of weeks in order to reduce her weight. This act of stupidity, to appear slim, not only got her into the emergency ward but also scared her parents to death.

When it comes to keeping oneself fit, dieting is the first option that strikes one’s mind. This has become some sort of a craze these days. People madly go empty stomach for days and try to sustain on tea without sugar and a slice of bread.

I don’t say dieting is all that bad but before one gets into it, it is very essential to know the correct ways of dieting. Dieting does not necessarily mean abstinence from food but is actually to put restriction on special types of food; especially those items which are oily, heavy and contain loads of calories that may add extra pounds to one’s body.

It is also not necessary to stop eating such food items altogether. What I mean

to say is that one can just take a partial cut off. For instance, one can enjoy an ice cream or a burger once a week or two.

People on diet don’t have to miss much these days as there are many options to the regular food stuffs available in the market like low-fat foods ( cheese, cream, etc.), lean meat, leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

I am not philosophising and saying that I am absolutely correct about dieting. Perhaps, I’m wrong somewhere because I am not a dietician. All I want to say is that dieting can be helpful if right methods are applied.

We all know that too much sweetness can be bitter. Likewise, excessive dieting can also be dangerous to one’s health like in case of my dear friend. After all, dieting is all about controlling and balancing one’s food habits in order to have a healthy body with a healthy mind.

We must not forget that what we eat is due to what we are. So just be careful while dieting. Certainly, there is no need to totally give up the simple pleasures of eating.