MIDWAY : Enriching an experience

Enriching an experience’ is to partake of the immediate, unfolding scenario like watching a fiery sunset or listening to soothing music and making it a part of one’s life. In short it weaves a tapestry that is at par with one’s expectations. A single incident that holds fond memories may make one’s personal life better.

The experience one has leads to either a measure of elation or disappointment. But in the process it goes to impress one with its finality and totality. This allows for a summing up and an expressing of the thought process regarding the experience. Everything falls into place as can be testified by the emotions which it engenders.

Feelings give rise to a surge of desire, of a sense of well-being. As such a familiar experience holds one’s attention and captures the fancy. This results in a sweet-sour feeling that could propel one to take a deep breath or heave a sigh of relief. Nothing is so geared to making the episode either worthwhile or downright shameful.

An experience could hold things that can be recalled at a moment’s notice — images, words spoken or the soft touch of a hand. Thus only its state becomes important. It is relevant here to elucidate its finer points for it includes impression so dear to one.

It is only pertinent to point out that an experience by itself does not count for much. Its past and present association is what gives it depth, meaning and relevance. Trying to figure it out allows it to filter down without the distractions that could mar it. The use of the imagination in capturing the vivid details of an experience cannot be overemphasised. The connections made can be pointed out as having an effect and one not to be discounted. Because the sensory input is selective in function the need is to be sensitive to it and respond accordingly. By doing this the experience of beholding can be captured over and over again.

When there is an incident it seeks to impress one with its colour, vibrancy and given context in which it takes place. This enables one to process the feedback received. Thus there is a continuity given to it, otherwise, it is lost in the welter of confusion. By evoking the memories life is enriched and provides a memorable experience.