Tara Bhatta

Who doesn’t get thrilled when it comes to encountering beauty? Neither an artist could fully portray nor could a musician perfectly fill in his notes the glory of something that is really beautiful. This appreciation of beauty is the factor that discriminates between love and sex, and distinguishes us from our animal counterpart. Then what is the most beautiful thing in the world? I have nominated three supreme beauties: the beauty of the nature, the beauty of a child and that of a woman. Nature is wild and wonderful. A blue still pond in a lonely wilderness reflecting the blue sky can leap up the heart of the meanest. Lie down and behold the shining moon hiding inside the fleecy clouds amidst a myriad of twinkling stars; you will find yourself in hitherto unknown frontiers of imagination. No depression will be anymore ruthless if you sit on the bank of a swift river and meditate over the divine song of its endless

murmur. The soothing sound of rain can retain every vigor and enthusiasm bringing your hectic life to a sudden standstill.

Nothing on earth can be more ingenuous than a baby’s smile. A cute baby lying oil-tanned in a gentle sunshine can melt any cruelty. How blissful does it feel to cuddle a baby in your arms, and kiss its tiny head stuck against your chin? Don’t we always covet to revert the splendor of our lost childhood?

Perhaps, god created women in his leisure. Even the fierce, demonic powers in history is said to have knelt down before her charisma. She imbues enough strength in you to fly and pluck the stars on her command, a zest that the maximum level of Adrenaline stimulation could not bring. How a sudden ecstasy shudders your body when she says, “I love you” or sends you red kisses on the electronic chat. Yes, it’s love that makes things so beautiful. No belief in love? Perhaps you are deeply buried and limited to this sordid material world. Come with a sensitive heart that watches the real self. You feel the beauty of the nature for you compare its every component with a woman. In a virgin rose, you discover the image of a chaste woman. You love your kids because they are the only union of you and your beloved.