MIDWAY : Failure as stepping stone

Life is not a bed of roses — a constant struggler must have said these words. When thorns pave the better part of our way, happiness and satisfaction seem to fade away. A streak of light provides inspiration and within another blink of an eye, a violent storm blows it all away. Opportunities come and go. Some are bestowed with success, some with failure, but hope keeps them floating.

Failure is a stepping-stone to success. I wonder if I will ever get through these never-ending stepping-stones lined up my way. I hate to admit but each time I look at myself, I can only see a loser. I am so behind my own reach that I didn’t even realise my transformation into a pessimist.

Why do people live on false expectations? Why do people gift anything if they want to snatch it away?

Why does the conscience dream of the impossible? Why do strugglers go on failing? All these questions plague my mind and lead to another pessimistic thought. I know that success is possible only with hard work but in this dishonest world, hard work doesn’t seem to pay much. Eyes and heart weave a beautiful dream but within no time it is shattered into pieces.

There might be times when we mess up with things and affect someone else’s life. Little decisions we make could hurt someone’s feelings. Little things are little things but to be faithful to little things is no little thing. Every word to be spoken and every move to be made needs to be considerate enough because unintentionally our little acts could be breaking someone’s heart, demoralising someone’s spirit or developing an inferiority complex on someone. With our careless acts, someone could be forced to live the rest of his life with low self-esteem.

I have made infinite mistakes and faced unpleasant consequences. Frankly, I haven’t succeeded in achieving not even a single aim in the past two years. But the brighter side is that, each time I fail, I get better. Failures challenge me to be emotionally and spiritually strong.

They inspire me to express myself with the help of a pen. Success involves courage but failure redoubles it. Writing is the strongest passion that can turn a pessimist into an optimist by the time the write-up comes to an end.