MIDWAY : Fancy females

I have begun to realise that girls are very strange beings. It could be my annoyance or critical perception that sieves this sex as the renewable source of frustration. I may seem brusque if I defy that even the modest girls don’t have a pittance of their own stance when it comes to their subconscious analysis.

I have seen diligent girls having an exuberant impact on me but I am amused by the way they boycott etiquettes. Whenever I visualise an erudite lady, my utopia transcends beyond her orb of intellect. To my astonishment, I find her predilection towards the clumsy guys with gadgets and the junkies. I know that gadgets aren’t bad but they reflect your true inner being. My inquisitive and vacillating gray matter whirls around. I try to solace my judgments; I even rebuke myself for judging the book by its cover but the practical scenario has made my subconscious so pallid that I no longer can despise my observations. I wonder what girls have in their brains for stooping to discard the code. I think I am really ignorant of the society’s trendy turns. My ignorance quotient whispers that all the women are to be worshipped but now I laugh over my juvenile philosophy, as I can no longer survive the pranks.

I don’t pity girls who get ragged by street Romeos or meet a tragedy due to her glorious lover. The opposite sexed relations have been limited to satiate the basic instincts. It’s not surprising to see my friend caressing a girl in the afternoon and embracing the other during the evening. I rather chuckle at the girl for her utter lack of confidence. I never thought that even the so-called intellectual ladies could so blatantly accept any rags to have relations with them. May be they are more smart to think that they know about boys more than we ourselves. I am perplexed to find out how light has the relational feathers become. May be this is what the enlightened lot call ‘the liberty of life.’ Due to impulsive surge of irrational emotions, almost all such relations wind up with the bouquet of frustrations. As there is always a woman behind every successful man, likewise there are always two with the unsuccessful ones. But a man is always in search of the next woman to bestow frustrations to his wretched soul.