MIDWAY: Focused mind

A frame of mind’ that is positive, proactive and focused can guarantee success in every field. One can forge ahead and excel in academic pursuits, business deals and sporting activities. It cannot be overly emphasised that it be nurtured and cultivated.

A mind with a keen edge can look for options where there is none and find solutions to problems that crop up. It is capable of discerning the truth without any kind of expose; and deal with imagery as a matter of course -- one sure to befuddle the skeptics. Because of its innate value it serves to distinguish between right and wrong.

The mind registers the odds at stake and becomes attuned to the possibilities. Therefore, the mind has to be judged on its own merits. The only necessities for it to jumpstart would be release and harnessing of energy. A wilful neglect of its potential would only serve to distract from its purpose.

‘A frame of mind’ relies on strength and balance without giving the game away. Perhaps this is why it is consigned to look after itself and make do, by the virtue of which, it has to de-link from the past,.

The point is, a mind finds its own level of rest and activity and does not depend upon externals. Thus even though the task seems mind-boggling there is something to make it easier. Truly, there is nothing more ennobling than a mind attuned to a cause. Rather than wandering in the stratosphere, it is focussed on what has to be done.

Only the moment counts and the mind may become so preoccupied that it fails to notice this fact. In all likelihood this forms a barrier to learning and the mastering of details. However, it can apply itself to relearning no matter how hard and difficult the material.

Any study done relies upon a mind that is stimulated to the point of saturation. Because then it can sort out the various aspects and proceed of its own accord. When there is a need to fulfill commitments the mind affirms and pursues the matter, accordingly. Only by pushing the mind to its limits can meaningful results come about.

A person with keen focus can implement a plan of action, write a thesis and discuss a project in the offing. The benefits are manifold even if they are not self-evident.