MIDWAY: Generation gap

No Tantu! You can’t have a mobile phone until you pass your ISC exam with flying colours.” “Why mom? Most of my friends own one. They even flaunt it in college and discuss the various advantages of the gadget in class. But I am not able to join them and I feel like a loser.”

“Why are you behaving like a child? It’s not that I cannot afford it. The thing is that you get distracted and I am afraid it might even hamper your studies!” “But mom, there’s simply no connection between the mobile and studies. I wonder what makes you think so?”

“Haven’t I made myself clear? Now, there’s no point discussing this matter.” “But mom...” And so the conversation carried on until both of us ended up saying things, which we didn’t really mean. I suppose it’s all because of the generation gap as they didn’t have cell phones in their times.

Generation gap is the difference in attitude or behaviour between younger and older people that causes lack of understanding. Life is becoming busier and parents are occupied with their work all the time. The younger generation is engrossed in entertainment. So, there’s hardly any time left for interaction.

There’s another interesting incident I would like to share. Once, when I wanted to go to my friend’s house for a night’s stay and my mom didn’t allow that saying that I am still not old enough to take care of myself. But whenever my younger brother and I have a fight, my mom takes his side. She scolds me saying that I am a grown up girl and should understand things better. Is this fair?

It is necessary for the parents to realise that both generations need to grow up together, emotionally and socially, so that later on they cannot blame each other for handling such situations. Parents should listen carefully to the verbal and non-verbal communication of their child — the lack of which can lead to unfortunate happenings. There are so many events that take place in our lives. Each person has something to learn from the other. The more you force your kids not to do something, the more they will become eager to do the same. So, why not let them decide sometimes? Only then can parents keep their culture intact and be able to pass it on to the next generation.