MIDWAY : Guessing game

Shubhechha Subedi:

I won’t crave again. But if I am to pick I won’t think twice to live in the dreams I have been nurturing for long. I mean who knows what next? All you need is to believe in yourself, if you think you can, means you can. So what if you don’t reach the height of brilliance, you will always try to stay somewhere close.

Then, now and again; growing old day by day and living the same old beautiful life; you have yours and I have mine. New years keep coming, new days come calling; and with age one’s definition of friendship, enmity, love and hate keep changing. This is me. And like every other “I”, the “I” inside me is immortal too. I am alive, I have always been!

My today says it’s different, though my journey called life hasn’t ended yet. This is the same path I am taking back home, but this time it is late and dark, I am heading towards my destination, but I am longing to stay with you. I don’t want to leave you; do I make myself clear?  Hold me now, hold my hands; walking on this road has never been so beautiful. I should’ve been afraid, but I am not. I should’ve been shivering here on the streets of Kathmandu, but I am not. What is this warmth that I am feeling on a cold day like today?

The honk of the automobiles and the screaming people, I can’t hear it at all. Have I gone deaf? But wait, I can still hear a soothing voice somewhere close to my ears. Who is this?

It’s misty all around; I can barely see the distant view. But, then again I am walking. Walking like I’ll never fall. What is this strength that’s convincing me to hold on? Since when did I become so strong? I look behind. Is someone supplying me with some kind of unseen energy? Surprising, but no! And who is ahead of me? I see my idol, but I don’t know which way to take. It’s blurry. And hey! Who is this besides me; walking side by side? Shall I make a guess? Or is it just a dream that is about to end? Is it mirage, nothing real, but just my fake acuity? Even if this is a dream, this is the best one that I have dreamt so far. The mystery is still unsolved, why are you lending me your hand, and who are you?

I pinched myself; it was no dream. Am I really ready to embark on this journey? But, still I am scared to make a guess. What if my heart proves me wrong? Tears on my eyes, I panic with pain, but I still want to smile, and hide the ache.

Then comes a hand on my shoulder, caresses me softly and kisses me on my forehead. I open my eyes and I see you. I guessed it right. “You” were by my side.