MIDWAY : Heavenly bliss

Moheindu Chemjong:

And then, there are those days! Those days filled with utter joy, such radiating, emaciating joy that I want to shout to the world how happy I am. These are the times when my every single care dissipates into the thin air; when mental and physical weariness seem alien to my body. I feel as if I’m badly smitten by the happiness bug and every cell in my body is bubbling with bliss!

The irrepressible excitement, the indomitable spirit of mine, the truth of being alive, the ability to smell the roses, the warmth I can feel when I hug my puppy and the heightened exhilaration of my sense of sight when I catch my lover’s eyes are the facets of my blissful state of being. It is on those days that I feel I’m by the ocean on a warm, sunny day playing with the beauty and blessedness of water as I enjoy the far sightings of the ship.

I feel like jumping on my toes like a child and feel like defying maturity. The blissful feeling makes me want to sing on top of my voice. In the halcyon days of mine, in every soul that comes my way, I see a spiritual friend whose beauty shines brightly like the stars and my eyes can exude such brightness that can provide radiance to the darkest skies.

Even the twittering of the birds seems to rhyme with the beatings of my ecstatic heart and there is a stream of passion overflowing all over my body. My smile exclaims fulfilment, gladness and extreme joy. I see butterflies in myriad colours, and the lovebirds, madly in love in the natural high sing to my songs.

I write a reverie and suddenly, there is a shower of red and orange gerberas, deep mauve roses, sweet-smelling water lilies and I feel as if the demigod, Kahlil Gibran is whispering prose into my ears. And while I lie back on the lush green grass and cherish my days on earth, I feel as if the gorgeous blue sky is smiling down at me. I sit under the plum tree and savour the magnificence of God’s gift to me. I feel as if I am being caressed by Mother Earth and in her womb, I feel the tranquillity flowing in my veins, no westerly wind or snow or a heartless soul can steal my heavenly feelings. I am loved and cared for, respected, and never disliked, cheated, doubted or envied and all the evil in the world disappears, and love and hope prevail.

On the epoch of ecstasy, the incredulous smell of lavender plants and Extreme Pleasures by Christian Dior tantalise my senses giving me the lightness to fly on my wings. On the certain days of euphoric happiness, I’m the lover of life, the child of the Universe who knows the inevitable yet romances the few days on Earth.