MIDWAY: Idiotic soaps

It’s been over a year that my sister is enjoying absolute leisure. She isn’t bothered about making the best use of time. She rather remains glued to the idiot box. Be it morning, afternoon, evening or night, she is busy surfing channels for Hindi serials. Unfortunately, she isn’t aware that these soaps are purely for entertainment and are low in intelligence.

Holidays aren’t meant for passing in front of the idiot box. She can always choose some interesting books. Or if she doesn’t like reading, she can find some other source of entertainment like sports, excursions or computers. I feel sorry for my sister, the way she has been squandering her precious time. But there’s nothing I can do. I have already warned her against the harmful effects of this addiction and asked her to gradually try and get rid of it. Sitting in front of the TV for long hours not only affects our eyes but can also hamper our hearing ability. To cap it all, our mind gets dull and we become untimely mature and how can we tolerate the hostile family squabbles aired on a regular basis?

The other members of my family want to watch educative and entertaining programmes, but my sister denies them the opportunity. Thanks to her, its only Star-Plus or Sony. Another interesting thing about my sister is that she loves Hindi serials only. These soaps are full of advertisements and other distractions because of which they seem to go on forever. As a result, one tends to get very emotional. The only serial that my entire family watches is “Kasauti.” But we carry on with our works once it is over. But my sister refuses to budge till midnight. She doesn’t even need a break for drinking water or going to the toilet.

I don’t understand her obsession with soaps. I think she is more a serial idiotic than video idiotic. Come on sis! It’s time to bid adieu to the world of soaps and rekindle your interest in hobbies. TV soaps vitiate natural fervour and creativity. I wish you could kick this habit. I also request the readers to stay at arm’s length from this modern menace, especially from serials, because they cause an irreparable loss to your mental and physical well-being. What say you?