MIDWAY: Life’s ironies

Most of us live with the idea that a supreme power has created us all. Be it a myth or the idea inculcated from Holy Scriptures which speak of the divine intervention which led to our creation. However, the idea itself is riddled with lots of ironies and as we start mulling over it, those ironies multiply exponentially.

Ironically, to start with, though the creator is always and under all circumstances the same, the creation widely varied. Amazing, however, that a single creator did it all to affect such subtle variations in appearance and character in each of his creations. But even more surprising is the fact that while half of them seem to lead a happy existence the other half have nothing but endless suffering and grief to complain of.

Take an instance of the late 15th century, the time when colonialism pervaded most of the underdeveloped nations. It was then that human trade came into practice. One group of people seemed to enjoy the other half’s suffering. While the slaves slogged through what must have been a living inferno, the whites commanded all the comfort and respect.

Next is the idea that wealthy people seem to be more dissatisfied. People who have everything seem to have actually nothing at all. Only three things seem sensible and important to them: money, money and money! Moreover, it would be quite a rarity to catch a rich man smiling at life’s small wonders. You would rather picture them as sad, arrogant, insensitive and pitiful living creatures. They posses all the material comforts and are yet so uncomfortable leading a normal life.

As for the poor, they seem to be contented with what they have, either because of choice or the lack of it. They do have unfulfilled dreams, yet, they look cheerful. They smile at the face of adversities. It seems that they have enough reasons to fall in love with life. And they have a great lesson to teach us — that life is valuable and meant to be lived as humanly as possible — that one should not only live for oneself but learn to live for others. You have mastered the art of living if you can take pleasure in others’ happiness. And for those who know it well, life is indeed precious and every bit worth living despite its umpteen ironies.