MIDWAY : Lifeless friend

Saroj Regmi

During my school years, I was told to write something about a single thing that I would want were I to be left stranded on an island. I was unable to find the answers at that time. That question was hovering ar-ound my mind for quite a while. I recently had a second go at the question to find such a thing. I tried again but the result was the same. My quest for that Holy Grail seemed to go in vain. But I realised that I had been looking at it for quite a while. Even though I had a tough time deciding on a certain thing because my room seems to be full of so many things that have made me who I am, I suddenly realise that I have been staring at something special. It is my computer - my diary, my teacher and my friend. The night when a friend broke my trust, the day when I got graduated and the moment when my great grandpa passed away - I spent them all typing my feelings or listening to music on my computer. I guess every person wants a friend who listens to him all along and doesn’t give any useless and un-asked suggestions. To me computer has been just that. It listens to all my problems and mollifies me with the sweet piece of music that I really long for in such kind of situations. My computer is a piece of me and a piece of my identity with all my photographs, my essays, my diary notes and with all my creations.

When I used the computer for the very first time, I was nine. I never knew that piece of junk would turn out to be a wonderful friend of mine. At first, the computer was like a foreign language; no matter how I tried, I would never get the hang of it. But things have changed.

Computer to me is like a different realm, a realm where I am the king and where my ideas, my views and my feelings always find its place. It is a place where I can portray my dreams and tell my most personal secrets without having to worry about someone finding out about it. Whenever things became unbearable and my emotions feel like bursting open, the computer is a channel to store them all. All the wonderful times I have spent and all the sad events that have touched my life have been captured here in this computer. So when I will have to face the utmost strenuous condition, how could I leave my lifeless friend alone?