MIDWAY : Love and romance

A link developed between the pair, an actress and a director, and she soon became his rakhi sister, tying the sacrosanct thread round his wrist every year on Raksha Bandhan Day. One fine day, they realised that they were not meant to be brother and sister, but husband and wife. Platonic love gave way to a full-fledged romance and the industry just took it in its stride as the bride and the groom walked down the aisle and made their vows. This might not be just an exception. Platonic love which was once considered sacrosanct between two good friends of the opposite sexes is now turning out to be just a myth and is, at times, used to fend off taunts from gossip-mongers. “We are just friends” is a common refrain which means that we are working at a relationship that might well turn into love, and later marriage, if things work out right.

So can’t any relationship between a man and a woman of suitable ages be platonic? This is a matter for debate, for friendship still blooms, especially in work places. There have been instances where one has a lover but is also engaged in a platonic relationship with someone else, who might help deepen the relationship between the two lovers. Though, sometimes, it might happen that the friend who professes a platonic friendship might, in reality, be a secret lover holding his cards close to his chest. In this case, the platonic love is just a facade and once the plot unravels, the guilty party would not have even a fig leaf to cover him/herself with. So, how does one sense the danger in carrying on a friendship?

That would not be easy because anyone who has a crush would be extremely careful about covering his tracks, especially where he would expect a hostile reaction if he gave away his secret. To avoid being caught wrong-footed, would-be lovers of either sex should better weigh the pros and cons of an intended relationship.

A healthy relationship even in this age of self-seekers is not impossible. But vigilance is the price that one has to pay if one wants to keep the future heartburn at bay. Platonic relationships have their own limitations and importance; romantic entanglements have their own. You have to choose which one would suit you.