MIDWAY: Monsoon woes

The rainfall has provided great relief to Kathmanduites but there is another side of this drizzle that is endured by the city pedestrians which is not entirely welcoming. With the sudden onslaught of rain, the thoroughfares replete with countless potholes are filled with murky water. Consequently, large sections of roads and alleys turn virtually into a pond or reservoir.

Pedestrians are worst hit since they are the ones to bear all sorts of inconveniences. It’s more than usual to embark on routine work — be it school, college, office or business-centre without any precautionary gear. But rain shows its true colour all of a sudden. It may greet you on the midway, causing much damage to your elegant get-up.

The incessant drizzle is mighty enough to take a ruinous course. There is every likelihood of slipping or becoming filthy while treading past the alleys characterised by slippery and muddy turf, not to mention the disgusting splash caused by your own footwear. If you could avert a mishap, don’t be mistaken that the danger is over. You still have to bear the brunt of the unavoidable mess. Being a hapless road user, woes seem mounting on your way ahead. The reckless cab drivers in thrilling speed whiz pasts and you are unlikely to be spared from the nauseating splash. The dilemma, however, persists whether to proceed or make a U-turn.

It is more than natural to be without a brolly believing fully the morning forecast. This turns out to be your greatest folly. You can no longer resist the wrath of the drenching rain. In this awkwardly unpleasant situation, you are obliged to take a refuge underneath a shed or a roof. To your great chagrin, you notice the shelter already packed with hordes of other folks. At a time when you are feeling clumsy due to your wringing outfit, it is rather sickening to find some rascals turn amorous, exploiting the aura of human congestion. Being exhausted with walking, if you happen to accommodate yourself inside a bus, you won’t find any reprieve as the vehicle is full of drenched passengers, some even contributing raindrops from the tip of their umbrellas right into your head. So, get armed with a brolly to buy the freedom of safe walking, no matter come rain or sunshine.