MIDWAY : My attitude, my pride

Nabin Khanal

What lies behind us and what lies before us are less significant than what lies within us. Indeed, whenever we undertake a strenuous journey, it isn’t our legs that keep us going but our heart that makes us believe in every stride we take. If you want to live life to the limit, never let your heart give up on you. That is what separates me from others. But what if you can’t ignore things you have left behind? What if destiny always heaped compromises all your life? What if you have let people down instead of living up to their expectations? What if time and again something makes you feel helpless and incomplete but you can do nothing about it? What if you have given nothing but tears to people who never deserved it? What if you have been criticised for being right and forced to abandon things that meant a lot to you? What if you have divested yourself of people you can’t live without?

Things like these tickle my conscience every now and then but neither do they get the better of me nor do I have any gripes over the dilemma that I am always pushed into. Instead, these dilemmas make me grow stronger.The way I see it life is a motley mix of experiences, god or bad, and that is why every other person’s life is unique. Someone once said, if one kept on laughing for even two days, one gets bored. I could not have agreed more. Tears wash our eyes so that we can see our world in a better way. It’s better to lament over things and face hardships and endure the pain than concealing one’s thoughts without any kind of ventilation. How should one take these things?

I don’t know but my past cannot dictate my future and my person too. Such experiences are a part of me and it has shaped me to become a better person. By any reckoning, two decades is a short span considering the fact that people become wizened and wise with long and copious years behind them. But these two decades of my life have provided me with a window to look at all these justifications that have made my life more meaningful. I look back

with a lot of pride, respect and positive attitude. Life is a one long lesson which is best learnt through the hard way.