The world recently observed Earth Hour 2009, when major cities around the world took part in switching their lights off for an hour to highlight the growing dangers of global warming. It is a valiant effort from numerous people to spread awareness and educate the world on how our carbon foot print on this planet could be reduced.

The Nepalese people in this respect should feel proud of themselves, as we greatly contribute to the global community by using very little electricity. Our inherited ability to use limited resources carefully and in small amounts also shows our willingness to live in peace and harmony with the environment.

On the other hand “Earth Hour” can also be viewed as sheer hypocrisy. What will turning the lights off for an hour in an entire year do? Absolutely nothing. Such gimmicks and propaganda are an insult, and should be done away with. More concrete and lasting solutions have to be devised, and every individual in this world has to contribute by having several hours of “Earth Hour” every single day. On a more personal note, I don’t think that using less of earthly resources will in any way change the fate of this planet and the human race. One way or

another, hundreds of millions of people will have to bear the brunt of natural disasters and famine that occur due to the changing climate. Social unrest and economic hardship will follow suit, adding to the already dire living conditions of the unfortunate. . I guess, Mother Nature truly does have her own way of showing her discontent.

Does this mean it is too late for earth? The answer is yes! Traveling through space and leaving this planet, according to Steven Hawking might be the only solution left for the human race. In the meantime, since we really don’t have any spaceships which will take humans to other planets, the WWF should identify countries with the lowest carbon foot prints and bestow awards

on them. Nepal in this respect should be able to lead the pack, and be ahead of western countries.

Hence, provide an award and due recognition to the leading eco-countries of the world. Maybe a league of eco-countries should be formed to more efficiently lead the fight against climate change.