MIDWAY : Refuting a charge

Refuting a charge is to deny any wrongdoing such as embezzlement of funds, seeking loopholes in a law or forging signature on a document. But one is innocent of all charges because of the lack of evidences.

Thus it is pointless to point a finger and make accusations. Clearly this will not stand in a court of law where there must be material to support the case. So one is liable to go scot-free without the reputation untarnished. When this turnaround happens then charges are dropped and the case is closed with no further proceedings.

While summing up the case against oneself merely stating a fact will not do because it is self evident. At this stage it is but natural to become emotional and try to wriggle out of the mess. By convincing oneself of the falsity of the case one can refute the charges.

Countering an argument is standard procedure and could mean putting forward facts in one’s favour. The nature of the case could dictate how far one should go in claiming innocence. Because there is more at stake than a clash of wills, it is important not to get befuddled.

Perhaps in time, any complaint against oneself will fizzle out and be forgotten. So it is good not to take up the issue and let bygones be bygones. However, if the atmosphere is charged and the media dragged into the affair then it becomes a different ball game altogether. To forestall which a quick settlement is necessary to avoid confrontation.

Before this, one must take a stand concerning one’s innocence in the matter being made public. Then the other party must be requested to furnish proof of their allegations. Without which the case falls short and ends up as a farce. This can pave the way for reconciliation and honouring a pledge not to become a spoilsport.

Refuting a charge can place oneself at the receiving end of the case and one is responsible for seeing it to a conclusion. Trying not to confuse the matter at hand is important for nothing is so irritating than not understanding what’s at stake. Standing firm while not adopting an overtly aggressive stance can justify one’s stand and form the basis of a rebuttal.

Proving for once and all that the charges are considered null and void.